We have now faced months of high unemployment with millions of people unemployed or under-employed. Many people have received and continue to receive unemployment benefits with hopes to bridge the gap until they are once again employed.

Do unemployment benefits truly benefit you?

While benefits might help pay the bills, they usually fall far short of what most people need. The real issue though is that often times unemployment benefits will de-motivate you from being active in your search. It’s true! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people tell me that they can’t take a part-time job or “stop-loss” job because if they did they would lose their unemployment benefits.

Do you realize how dangerous this thought process is? The outcome of such a paradigm is having a huge impact on you… consider this:

1) The longer you are unemployed increases the employment history “hole” on your resume…  making you less marketable. Being employed (part-time or under employed) is FAR more desired by employers today than someone not employed!

2) The longer you are unemployed will affect your self-worth, dignity, and value. It is far better to earn an income (as small as it might be) than to be immobilized by a benefit system that only is prolonging the inevitable outcome, anyways!

3) Unemployed individuals can easily become unproductive in their search and other areas of their life. The reality is that busy people get more done than those who are not. Having a part-time job while seeking a fulltime career is a much more productive way to conduct the search process.

4) What happens when the benefits run out? If you have taken a casual approach to your search process up to that point… do you really think you will obtain a position quickly at that time!

With that said, pursue that part-time job(s) and “stop-loss” position instead of relying on unemployment benefits that will keep you from attaining the full-time position you truly desire. “Press Go” and choose once again to be active in your search process!

If you have fallen victim to this thought process… please tell me your story. If you need help with your career search, please contact Rich Leipzig at Career Focus Consultants. (Rich@CareerFocusConsultants.com)


The “Entitlement” Trap

August 13, 2010

 Where did personal responsibility go? Taking responsibility for your current situation and doing what is necessary to make changes seems to be fading away.

The “ENTITLEMENT” thought process is a trap that keeps you from growing and achieving ALL you can be!

Choose to take responsibility for your situation. Look inside, take inventory, and determine what you need to do to change! Invest in yourself to become more marketable and better prepared.

The proper perspective will produce a new confidence, renewed dignity, and success beyond anything that “Entitlement” can offer! Press Go and be ALL you can be!!

If you need a new perspective, please contact Rich Leipzig at Career Focus Consultants. (Rich@CareerFocusConsultants.com)

Being unemployed and looking for a job in this economy can be very traumatic! It measures up there as one of the top stress factors in a person’s life, next to divorce and the loss of a loved one.

You first deal with the emotions of being laid off or fired. Often times, these consist of denial, and/or anger. Then the fear comes in, fear of not getting hired or hired soon enough in order to keep paying the bills. As time goes by, these emotions can cause depression and will immobilize your job search efforts.

So how do you deal with these emotions effectively? It’s not easy… but it begins with having a proper perspective of the situation.

First, realize that being laid off or fired is not the end but the beginning to a NEW OPPORTUNITY! God’s word promises us in Jer. 29:11 “I know the Plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and future”.

Secondly, recognize where the fear comes from! 1 John 4:18 says that God’s “perfect love drives out all fear”. He also tells us in Isa. 41:10 “do not fear for I am with you”. If you allow fear to take root, it will harm you greatly.

Here are SIX simple things to do:

1)      Find scriptures that focus on God’s promises to you! Write them down and meditate on them.

2)      Count your blessings! Even though you are in a tough spot, you still have MUCH to be grateful for.

3)      Lean on your support system! Godly friends are vital in these times, don’t pull back from them and isolate yourself.

4)      Control what you think! Phil. 4:8 tells us to think on good things. Don’t dwell on the other thoughts. Don’t watch the news… it won’t help your thought process.

5)      Help others! The principal of sowing and reaping is powerful! As you pour into others, God will pour into you.

6)      Pray for open doors and God’s favor. Prov. 3:5-6

The good news is these trials will cause some of the greatest growth in your life! Don’t quit… “Press Go”!

If you need HOPE and help with your career search, please contact Rich Leipzig at Career Focus Consultants. (Rich@CareerFocusConsultants.com)

Hi, my name is Rich Leipzig. I am a Career Coach and own a company called Career Focus Consultants. I have spent the last 7 years of my career helping others to find their career passion and then pursue it.

The name of my blog is “Press GO”. I have seen many people over the years (including me) come to a point in their quest to determine their passion and/or follow their dreams, get immobilized. The fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or even fear of success are some of the enemies to dreams not realized. The simple truth is, many times all we need to do is… ”Press GO”. When we fail to press go, our journey never begins and our dreams are never realized!

I am a VERY blessed man because I am surrounded by friends and family who have encouraged me to “Press GO” in my life. Because of that, I am following my dream of helping people like you! 

Do you need to ”Press GO” in your life? Let me encourage you… you won’t regret it!